How To: Do a choke slam WWE style

Do a choke slam WWE style

In this instructional video you will learn how the WWE choke slam is performed. Be sure to understand the stunts performed should not be done by just anybody but by professionals. Now, whoever the attacker is they want to place their right hand on the very top of the defenders chest, and once that happens the defender will take his left arm and hold the attackers arm like he's actually being choked. Next, the attacker will put the defenders right arm over his right shoulder and the attacker depending on the physical need will put their left hand on the defenders back or hold their waist to assist with the jump. Now, when the defender jumps he'll take his right arm that's on the attackers shoulder and transition so his hand is on the attackers shoulder instead. Lastly, when the defender is at the peak of his jump he'll kick his leg out in order to land nice and flat on his back. Remember this stunt shouldn't be performed by amateurs.

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