How to Do the Spear Finishing Move of Bill Goldberg & Roman Reigns

Many superstars have fallen to the devastating power and destruction of the finisher wrestling move known as the Spear. Among the wrestling superstars who have made this move incredibly popular are Edge, Rhino, Bill Goldberg, and the up and coming superstar Roman Reigns. In this professional wrestling video tutorial you will learn the basic concept and performance of the Spear.

Step 1: The Stance

Once your opponent is dazed or caught off guard, you will take the position or stance of that of a rushing lineman in football.

Step 2: The Charge

Once in the stance, and the opponent is facing you with their front exposed, you then proceed to charge with full force.

Step 3: The Finish

The object here is to bury your shoulder into the opponent with maximum velocity, inflicting damage and making this move an efficient finisher.

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