How To: Do the hip toss pro wrestling move

Do the hip toss pro wrestling move

First of all you have to understand that these stunts are dangerous and they need supervision of trained professionals while performing them. 'Hip toss' is a very basic move of wrestling. Your opponent goes to the ropes and then takes a thrust towards you with full force. You have to move your body sideways and step your right foot forward in front of your opponent. Now let your opponent place his hand on your right leg. You have to place your right hand under your opponent's arm. Now both of you need to bend your knees, and then move up together. While doing these movements both of you must be in 'sync' motion. When the opponent is placing his hand on your right leg, you must be stable and hold your feet firmly to the ground. Both of you must crouch down together in 'sync', because if not done properly the whole move shall go wrong. So now when both of you jump together then push your opponent over to make him fall forward. That's it.

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