How To: Do the Pedigree pro wrestling move

Do the Pedigree pro wrestling move

First of all there is warning that nothing that you are going to see in this video tutorial should not be done at home without the supervision of the trained professionals. The opponent kicks you in the gut with his toe. Now you have to bend down and this pose is also called 'classic bent over position'. Now you have to stick your head into the opponent's thigh. Now you have to force the opponent to land on his face in spite of him trying to avoid the fall. In the first place you have to hold the arms at the back of your opponent. Now when both of you jump in the air let go the arms otherwise you shall be injured. So hook the arms at the behind and then both of you crouch down and then go up together. Jump and fall to the ground but remember to let go of the opponent arms while in the air. That's it.

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