How To: Do Ric Flair's classic Face Bump wrestling move

Do Ric Flair's classic Face Bump wrestling move

Ever wonder how WWE star Ric Flair did his face bump? Will now you will know how. This is when Ric Flair would come out of his corner and just fall flat on his face. To do this move you need to do a controlled fall. You kick out one of your legs to start your fall. When you fall you want to fall with most of your weight into your lead shoulder and chest. So, if you fall to your left you want you left shoulder and chest to absorb most of the weight. Use your other hand out to break your fall but do not put it out to early because it is supposed to look like an uncontrolled fall. You can also do this while walking backwards and the falling forward. You use the same method to do this.

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