How To: Perform the Oklahoma Roll pro wrestling pin move

Perform the Oklahoma Roll pro wrestling pin move

The Oklahoma Roll is a great wrestling move that can be used when an opponent has been beating up pretty badly, and he's in pain struggling to get up. It's very opportunistic but also simple and is used to pin your opponent into submission. You do this by coming off the ropes and doing a forward roll over your opponent. You want your head to stay close to their body so that your head is coming across to the other side of his stomach while you're rolling over. While doing this you'll need to take your right arm and put it over his left shoulder grabbing his left arm. Your left arm is going to go between his legs and around his left leg. As you're rolling you'll basically need to use these grasps to roll him your opponent on their shoulders for the pin. It is warned that people don't try this at home without a proper ring. After this great tutorial finding a way to properly pin an opponent will be nothing but sheer memories.

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